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Paid down one bill / Action items

March 3rd, 2009 at 03:32 pm

Whoo hoo! I was able to pay off a portion of a furniture store bill this weekend. We only owe $2300!! It's coming down slowely, but at least its coming down.

I'm going to list some action items below to help keep me more accountable.

Action Items:

Need to put a snowball type plan together for the other debts.

Need to menu plan better than I have been.

Work on Christmas gift list with items I have purchased on sale during the year.

Update / clear out my home office desk - its a mess!

Get a schedule on paper for Cub Scouts; I'm going to be a Tiger Cub leader starting in May.

Catch up on home maintenance (e.g. air conditioner filters, paint, caulk, -- flylady type things).

Declutter the house to save time on cleaning.


December 18th, 2008 at 08:21 am

Hurray! I met my savings goal of $1k by 12/1.

I also was able to pay off one of my credit cards (Dell) that raised my APR to 30.9% when my payment posted HOURS after the due date. So long Dell, nice knowin ya. My balance was $4k, and I was paying $130-ish dollars a month. It will be nice to have that extra $130 a month to save...

I'm thinking about my goals for 2009. I'll have to get started on those soon.